Launching the #whereiflex Instagram Challenge

Simon Cheong
Simon is the founder and CEO of the Flex Rewards loyalty stamp card app. Born in Sydney, he travels the world meeting small business owners and listening to their stories. He is a father of 4 young kids, and is a regular contributor to the Flex Digest.
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WELCOME to the #whereiflex Instagram Challenge! It’s a bit of fun for all of our #flexrewards and #gatcoin community members.

We will be giving away free $GAT Coin to anyone who can guess where our Instagram photos are taken (… btw, congratulations to @gaelic15 for winning the first prize!).

You can also earn free $GAT Coins by simply tagging your Instagram posts with #whereiflex and pinging us @flexrewards. Posts can be about anything. You can show us #whereiflex my lunch, #whereiflex my work or #whereiflex my weekends. Just post whatever you find interesting and want to share with the Flex Rewards community. We’ll repost the best ones for free $GAT!

I hope you have fun with this challenge. See you on Instagram!


PS. What is Flex Rewards? Just the most awesome loyalty stamp card app on the planet used by hundreds of restaurants and coffee shop owners. 

PPS. What is GAT Coin? GAT Coin is the official cryptocurrency of the Flex Rewards app, and can be used to buy discount vouchers on our in-app rewards marketplace. Download the Flex Rewards app here to get started, and you’ll get 10 free $GAT Coins in your wallet. Use them in good health!

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